Stay Safe and Compliant with Qualification Check

Stay Safe and Compliant with Qualification Check
04/04/2019 Qualification Check

Are you an employer or a recruitment consultant looking to fill a new position?

Have you invested time, money and resources into your recruitment campaign and are now certain that you’ve found the perfect candidate, with impeccable qualifications?

They’ve gone on to impress you at interview, and you’re now ready to offer them the position.

But before you go any further, it’s time to undertake some important checks on your potential recruit!

Why check qualifications?

Astonishingly, 80%of companies admit they don’t verify qualifications, and with new cases of high- profile people with bogus degrees increasingly emerging, you need to make sure it’s not your company getting the negative limelight.

In some industries – particularly medical and financial – qualification checks are a mandatory and an essential part of the recruitment process. However, even in these industries, qualifications are still not being checked accurately and efficiently at source, and recruiters are accepting certificates as enough proof.

5 reasons you must check professional qualifications:

  1. Danger – the unqualified candidate is a danger to others particularly in medical, financial and environmental industries.
  2. Trust – if they lie about their qualifications – can they be trusted as an employee generally?
  3. Under performance – qualifications are an indicator of ability, so someone without the correct qualifications may not possess the correct skills.
  4. Cost – consider the psychological as well as the financial cost of having to re-start the recruitment process again due to the candidate not being correctly qualified.
  5. Threat to reputation – all the above could greatly impact how clients, candidates, suppliers, investors and contacts within your industry regard the organisation.

Choose the market leaders for professional qualification checks.

Qualification Check offers an automated checking service which is fast, secure and accurate.

Covering tens of thousands of universities, colleges and professional bodies in more than 160 countries, with 24/7 global reach, Qualification Check gives the peace of mind needed when recruiting.

Make this automated, quick and easy qualification check an integral part of your recruitment process every time.

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