Verifying Candidate Qualifications Worldwide

Verifying Candidate Qualifications Worldwide
04/04/2019 Qualification Check

With modern companies increasingly populated by multi-national workforces, and the marketplace for job applicants growing expeditiously, successfully contacting overseas colleges and universities to check qualifications has never been more important.

Our cities are attracting residents from all over the world, with more than a third of Londoners born abroad – that’s approx. 2.5 million people – there’s over 270 nationalities and 300 languages spoken in the UK capital alone.

Add to this the evidence that students are increasingly packing their bags and heading overseas to study – the USA has the most with more than 1 million international students, Australia over 480,000 and Japan with above 200,000 – further underlining the vital importance of the ability to verify qualifications with overseas institutions quickly and securely as part of the recruitment process.

However, verifying qualifications manually can be an arduous, time consuming task that no modern-day business has the time for. Language barriers, varying time zones, data protection and confidentiality rules all add to the challenge and inevitably cause delays – often derailing a tight recruitment schedule.

Qualification Check offers an automated qualification checking service which is fast, secure and accurate.

Covering over 40,000 universities, colleges and professional bodies worldwide, with 24/7 global reach, Qualification Check gives the peace of mind that’s essential when recruiting.

Register with our qualification checking service for free. Make a one-off check or take advantage of the discounted rates offered for multiple qualification verifications.

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