We are a well-established leader in academic and professional verification with an excellent, growing, global coverage of over 190 countries and 50,000 institutions.

We’re trusted by thousands of organisations for quick, accurate verification. In 2021, we served customers in 128 countries.


Over the last decade, we have grown to become a world leader in academic and professional verification and a specialist in simplifying verification processes.

We are driven by a desire to protect the world from fake qualifications and documents. In addition, thanks to our technological capabilities, our ambition is to help organisations and institutions save time and resources by simplifying and speeding up the traditionally complex and slow verification process.

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To fulfil these goals, we created a set of values which we have followed since 2009. The most rewarding principle has been excellent service. Our commitment to satisfying our customers and tailoring our products to suit their needs, made us a well-respected, industry leader in the UK.

Gradually, we built relationships all over the world. We now operate in over 190 countries which means our customers have access to complete worldwide coverage and never have to worry about missing out. We’re proud to have multi-lingual teams offering English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and much more.

While we have achieved our initial goals, as a company we continue to set new challenges. We are as passionate as ever about making the world a more transparent, trustworthy place – one check at a time.


Fighting Fraud

We combat the risk of fraud by satisfying the global demand for secure verification.


We save valuable resources for institutions so they can allocate more time for other important tasks.

Data Security

As our platform handles data, it’s important that we guarantee security and protection.


From the flexibility of our solutions to the way we serve our customers, we’ll never stop evolving.


We don’t take jobs away, we make them simpler by reducing the burden on human intervention.


One size never fits all. We create tailored solutions to suit our client’s industry-specific needs.

A physical presence in 11 countries

Verification support in 18 languages

In depth knowledge of regional processes and requirements


We will always be a customer-centric, technology-focused company which delivers innovative verification solutions to organisations around the world.

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