Why verifying the qualifications of students matters.

Why verifying the qualifications of students matters.
18/05/2021 Qualification Check

Why verifying the qualifications of students matters

It is unlikely that many students, having graduated, give much thought to verification of their new degree.

Most will be given a degree certificate as proof of their achievements and do not yet realise that the global world of post graduate study or employment may not accept that certificate as evidence of their suitability for a post or job role.

Graduates will not yet have been asked to send their original certificate to a potential employer in the post, risking loss or to provide expensive certified copies of the certificate for a visa application to work abroad.

The Benefits

The benefits of a wallet of digital credentials become clear as a student embarks on his or her career.

A digital wallet of verified credentials has the obvious advantage that it cannot be lost or damaged. It presents a professional and technically competent impression to potential employers, and, once created, can be re-used for every future application.

A candidate can share their credentials on-line with a recruiter in real time, anywhere in the world, allowing recruitment processes to be cut from weeks to a few days and gaining a significant advantage over candidates who send their qualifications by post.

A digital wallet also offers a degree of protection to candidates who find their issuing college’s record system is unavailable at the moment they need their degree verified in order to secure a position.

Not limited to academic qualifications, professional certificates and licences can also be verified and added, allowing a wallet to illustrate an entire career.

Finally, and importantly, a candidate can ‘unshare’ their wallet, withdrawing access from any recruiters or companies that have rejected them, ensuring the individual remains in control of their personal data.

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