I’m Verified

The qualification wallet that grows with you

Whether you’re a recruiter, a regulator, university admin, or a student – you need ‘I’m Verified’ on your side. It’s our pioneering tool that keeps verifications easily accessible in a single, secure digital location.

University Admin Departments

Equip your students with a verification wallet that grows as they progress.

University Student Records Teams

Give graduates a digital degree and a safe space in which to store it and share it.

Recruiters and Job Boards

Partner with us to gain revenue as well as peace of mind when it comes to verifications.

Regulators and Professional Bodies

Become our partner to make verifications simple, secure, and profitable.

Immigration Bodies

Direct migrants to our digital wallet for a more efficient qualification verification process.


Whether you’re moving to study or work, having ‘I’m Verified’ will help things to run smoothly.


Stand out in the recruitment process. Having an ‘I’m Verified’ badge will make you more appealing.


Moving jobs? Don’t go through the painstaking process of verifying your qualifications repeatedly.


Entering a regulated profession or getting a licence? Let’s make the enrolment process faster.

Does it work?

  • Imperial College London David Parrott, Head of Admissions

    It reduces the risk of fraud and is significantly faster and less labour intensive than checking qualifications by hand. Applicants to Imperial now have a better experience that saves them time, money, and the worry that their valuable original certificates may be lost in the post. They also have a lasting record of their verified qualification.

Life just got a whole lot easier

1. Create a wallet

Creating a wallet and logging into it is simple. Just a few clicks and you’re in the personal portal.

2. Store qualifications

All verified qualifications will be automatically collected here, including info about the approver, their position, and more.

3. Share

Securely share the ‘I’m Verified’ wallet with any relevant parties so they can instantly see that you’re genuine and good to go.