Digital Credentials

For a more secure, timely, modern process.

As well as the traditional paper certificate, we’ll issue your graduates with pre-verified digital credentials. It saves you time and positions your school in a way that’s forward-thinking and well-equipped for the modern world of work.


The Benefits of Digital Credentials


Digital credentials cannot be lost, damaged or stolen and so will never need to be re-issued or replaced.


Digital credentials do not need to be verified, because they are pre-verified at the point of issue. The university will no longer need to offer a verification service for future awards.


Digital credentials will increasingly be the standard for job applications in the modern work environment and allow colleges to present a forward-looking digitally competent image.


By using Qualification Check, the university can offload the chore of generating digital credentials, communicating the links and locations with the students.


Digital credentials cannot be lost, stolen or damaged


Digital credentials can be shared on-line in real time, and are pre-verified, speeding job applications and enabling the graduate to apply for multiple roles simultaneously.


Digital credentials do not need to be couriered at significant cost, as paper certificates do.


Digital credentials can be shared publicly in a social media profile such as LinkedIn or privately via email with a recruiter or human resources department.

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