Recruit with confidence that qualifications are accurately verified

Recruit with confidence that qualifications are accurately verified
27/06/2019 Qualification Check

The global recruitment industry is extensive; the UK recruitment industry alone is worth over £35 billion to the UK economy with an estimated further 4% growth by the end of this financial year. Recruitment agencies and organisations located throughout all continents of the world, share a common aim – to source and hire perfect candidates.

Investing in expensive recruitment campaigns, undertaking telephone screening, vigorous interviews and tests, can be challenging and time consuming but necessary in order to match skills and expertise of candidates across a multitude of sectors.

So once the perfect candidate has been successfully identified, how can you accurately validate that their degree is real and undertaken at a University that does exist, even if located overseas, to confidently offer employment?

In some industries where checking qualifications is mandatory, some recruiters are still not accurately checking qualifications at source and are accepting certificates as enough proof with 80% of recruiters admitting that they don’t check qualifications at all.

Our automated verification solutions can help throughout the recruitment process

Regardless of whether you are a recruiter or hiring manager of any organisation, your reputation is founded upon sourcing and hiring the perfect candidate within a specified timescale, budget and possessing the desired skill set and qualifications required by your clients or your employer. Uncertified candidates are a potential danger to others, particularly in medical, financial and environmental industries.

Our automated service is the perfect solution. We provide accurate qualification verifications that can be used by UK and global recruitment agencies together with Human Resource departments within any organisation worldwide.

By registering with us online, we can check at source the authenticity of degrees and qualifications whether undertaken in the UK or overseas, at over 40,000 universities, colleges and other professional bodies worldwide, making the verification process accurate every time.

If you are responsible for verifying qualifications of personnel across diverse sectors, employ with confidence and create an account today by clicking here or call a member of our team on (+44) 0203 289 3022



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