Degree Verification Service

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Degree Verification

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Qualification Check offers a global solution for credential verifications, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our online degree verification service is supported by a team of multilingual education experts and background screeners from our office in central London.

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Degree certificate verification

As a response to rising tuition fees and a competitive job market, there is a growing amount of degree fraud, including misrepresentation of degree and qualification results and the production of bogus qualifications. Checking degree results is, therefore, an important part of the recruitment process for employers of graduates, and for admissions to education and research programmes. Having some sort of degree verification process is essential whether you are an in-house HR team, recruitment firm, small business or government agency. It is equally important for universities to protect the reputation of their degrees and legitimate graduates.

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In response to this, there are now online degree verification services that allow you to check a candidate’s qualifications directly with an awarding body. It is no longer sufficient to ask for a copy of a degree certificate because these documents can be falsified. These services can check that a candidate has the qualifications they claim to have directly with the awarding body.

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Degree verification UK

Requests can come in the form of past or present enrollment in a particular programme; confirmation of awards, certifications or exam results and membership status of a professional association. If you are looking to verify additional information such as dates of study it is recommended that this is included in the enquiry. You will need the candidate’s permission to make the enquiry, and they can only be conducted by a third party, so a student cannot verify their own qualifications in this way.

Because of the increasingly mobile workforce, you may need to find a company that can offer an international degree check service. According to the country you are operating in, there will be legal limitations on the amount of time that you can store information about an individual candidate. However, a reputable online verification service can help you to overcome language barriers, varying time zones, data protection and confidentiality rules.

Qualification Check offers an automated checking service that is fast, secure and accurate. Covering over 50,000 universities, colleges and professional bodies worldwide, Qualification Check gives the peace of mind that’s essential when recruiting.

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Why choose Qualification Check for your online degree check?

It is free to register with Qualification Check, and you can make a one-off check or take advantage of discounted rates for multiple verifications. Founded in 2009, we are now trusted by thousands of organisations around the world to carry out their education verifications and check degree results. We are currently the market leaders in our field.

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Check my degree

We are able to verify qualifications at tens of thousands of universities and colleges across the world, in more than a hundred countries. Our team is constantly adding new awarding bodies to our list and will be pleased to hear from you if your organisation would like to be added. Qualification Check is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

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Once you are registered, you can use our online system to access our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get in touch with Qualification Check for a free demonstration of our degree verification service. 

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