An increasingly global workforce creates more complexity in the fight against credential fraud

An increasingly global workforce creates more complexity in the fight against credential fraud
17/07/2018 Qualification Check

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With modern companies increasingly populated by multinational workforces and the marketplace for job applicants growing exponentially, checking qualifications all over the world accurately and quickly has never been more important.

Verifying qualifications manually is an arduous, time consuming task that no modern-day business has the time for. Here at Qualification Check we take into account all the varying difficulties that come into play when carrying out degree verifications internationally, and ensure we have a solution for each issue.

Legal requirements and data laws vary from region to region, making it hard to keep on top of what each country requires for education verifications. Our intuitive, one-stop solution streamlines the process of carrying out worldwide verifications by informing our users of the legal requirements that each country has and the associated turnaround times.

Having data verified at source securely, accurately and quickly is key. Qualification Check uses a mixture of technology, securely integrating with data sources where possible, and know how, using our network of tens of thousands of educational institutions worldwide.

Going about this without the help of verification experts would be an extremely lengthy and tiresome process. Language barriers and varying time zones make verifying qualifications that have been obtained in a foreign country extremely difficult. Qualification Check deal with this using our team of multi-lingual verification experts based worldwide to ensure that language difficulties do not slow the process down.

By using our combination of software automation, data integrations and a team of verification experts, we can ensure the fastest possible response times and 100%accuracy. This ensures that your businesses processes, such as recruitment, are not delayed.

Our verification service is available on our website 24/7, 365 days a year so you’re able to carry out your checks at a time that suits you. We also offer API integration allowing our systems to integrate seamlessly with yours further reducing administration.

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