The complete academic verification solution for Universities & Professional Bodies

We offer a light touch solution to universities and professional bodies that complements their existing processes while removing the high workload and cost of routine checking. Each institution retains full control of data input, quality and access. A full audit trail and detailed record is created for each and every verification.

Our trusted software solutions provide automated degree verifications and Electronic Transcripts & Degree Certificates:

  • fast and easy to install
  • no changes needed to current systems
  • fully data protection compliant and 100% secure
  • tailored to your institution’s specific needs
  • completely free with no ongoing fees

You will:

  • save staff time for other essential tasks
  • improve recruitment process for your graduates and their employers
  • protect the worldwide reputation of the qualifications you award
  • provide your institution with a useful revenue stream

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The Qualification Check system is a great step forward and took away a large administrative burden from us. It has eased the recruitment process for potential employers of our students and members by making the verification of their results and membership online and immediate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Simon Culhane

CEO, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment