The challenge of improving Student Employability

The challenge of improving Student Employability
18/02/2022 Qualification Check

The challenge of improving Student Employability

A number of recent studies have shown the clear commercial and financial benefits that overseas students and post graduate researchers bring to their host countries.  The UK’s world-class universities are a top destination for students wishing to further their education, second only to the US, and the UK economy has benefitted by more than £20 billion from the 538,000 international students studying at British universities in 2021-22.  (

One hundred and fifty six British universities also offered Trans-National Education in 2019-20, when 453,390 students were studying for a UK degree overseas.

However there were indicators, prior to the Covid pandemic, that the UK may have been losing ground to other English speaking destinations.  The uncertainty over research funding, the UK’s inclusion, or not, in the Horizon Europe research programme,  and more stringent visa requirements following Brexit may add to that effect.

This would be damaging both to the UK as an economy, and to individual universities who must continue to attract the brightest and best researchers in order to maintain their reputations in the world rankings.

With this in mind, it is important to understand the priorities and concerns of international students who wish to develop their careers within the UK.

Student Employability

A recent report on the experience of international students, published by the UPP Foundation as part of the Student Futures Commission,

included results from the 2021 QS International Student Survey, which surveyed 105,083 students from 191 countries and territories around the world.

It highlights employment support as a key factor in students’ decisions on where to study, and supporting the employment ambitions of international students through all stages of their student journey is essential if the UK is going to remain a top study destination in the future.

What can better employment support look like?

Enhanced employment support for international students is a key element of a first class learning experience and will ultimately contribute to University ambitions to remain globally competitive.

While the availability of, and conditions related to study and work visas are determined by government, there is much that universities can do to support their students and graduates.

– Provide a complimentary credential solution, a trusted method of showing students’ academic and professional awards and achievements in the form of pre-verified digital credentials, available to be shared immediately.

–  Ensure that all students’ awards and achievements are maintained in digital form and credentials are updated as they progress through their education, including work placements and internships.

For further information on how digital credentialling can help universities provide enhanced employment support for overseas students, contact [email protected]

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