The global recruitment industry is extensive with agencies and organisations who share a common aim – to source and hire perfect candidates.

Why use Qualification Check?

Regardless of whether you are a recruiter or hiring manager of any organisation, your reputation is founded upon sourcing and hiring the perfect candidate within a specified timescale, budget and possessing the desired skill set and qualifications required by your clients or your employer.

But how can you accurately validate all degree undertaken by multinational candidates?

Uncertified candidates are a potential danger to others, particularly in medical, financial and environmental industries. The psychological as well as the financial cost of having to re-start the recruitment process due to candidates not being correctly qualified is something which can easily be avoided. Our automated service is the perfect solution.

You may be sourcing and hiring personnel across diverse sectors ranging from:

  • Specialist industry staff
  • Directors and CEO’s
  • Senior management
  • Middle management
  • Technical staff

We provide accurate qualification verification checks to be used by:

  • UK recruitment agencies
  • Global recruitment agencies
  • HR departments within any organisation worldwide.

If you are responsible for verifying qualifications of personnel across diverse sectors, stay safe and compliant during the verification process and create an account today.

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