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Qualification Check Services

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We offer a global solution for credential verifications, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Based in central London, our online degree verification service is supported by a team of multilingual education experts.

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Our credential verification services for businesses and educational organisations

An increasingly mobile global workforce and student body increase the need for organisations to verify the qualifications of prospective employees, members and students. Yet checking academic and other credentials, including degrees, NVQs, medical certificates and diplomas, becomes increasingly difficult because of the number of educational bodies worldwide. Different universities and professional bodies also have different processes, not to mention the language and legal requirements that need to be met when seeking information about a prospective employee. This not only slows down the recruitment process but runs the risk of giving inaccurate results.

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At Qualification Check, we offer worldwide education verification for businesses, education providers and professional bodies. We provide a cost-effective yet secure web-based screening service that allows you to quickly check qualifications of prospective employees at the source, anywhere around the world. Qualification Check is also an easy-to-use service takes away the time and effort of verifying qualifications, whilst doing so safely, accurately and avoiding errors. Organisations of all sizes can use our services and solutions to verify the academic and other qualifications of prospective candidates and students and to respond to requests for information about alumni from employers and other organisations.

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Whether you are an HR team, recruitment firm, small business, educational body or government agency we have a solution for you to check academic qualifications. This will enable you to avoid the possible costs and damages caused by credentials fraud. Checking qualifications at the source, rather than through copies of certificates, can make all the difference to the safety of people you work with or for, whether you are recruiting a doctor, a machine operator, a teacher or an administrative assistant. As an individual job candidate, we offer your prospective employer the potential to verify education records online and at source (including compulsory education history and tertiary education history) in a fast and efficient way.

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Our services for education providers: how to verify educational certificate online

We can also help you if, as part of your work, you are required to provide information on your graduates. Qualification Check offers software that allows you to provide degree verifications, including Electronic Transcripts and Degree Certificates, to outside bodies, without breaching data confidentiality regulations or needing you to change your current IT systems. This service helps to provide the reputation of your institution around the world, improves the prospects of your graduates, and provides a regular revenue stream. Your institution retains control of the data input, quality and access. A full audit trail and a detailed record are created for each and every verification. 

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Why choose Qualification Check for your online degree verification?

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It is free to register with Qualification Check, and you can make a one-off check or take advantage of discounted rates for multiple verifications. Founded in 2009, we are now trusted by thousands of organisations around the world to carry out their education verifications. We are currently the market leaders in our field, who you can trust to give you peace of mind when you are recruiting.

We are able to verify qualifications at tens of thousands of universities and colleges across the world, in more than a hundred countries. We are constantly adding new awarding bodies to our list, and our friendly and expert team will be pleased to hear from whether your organisation would like to be added or if you would like to find out more information about registering to access our services and check qualifications online.

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Once you are registered, you can use our online system to access our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Get in touch to find out what Qualification Check can do for you today.

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