NVQ Qualification Checking – What You Need to Know

NVQs are popular qualifications and no wonder, as a student can complete this qualification in over a thousand subjects.

Anyone purporting to hold an NVQ in a certain subject or topic will have an in-depth theoretical understanding of the subject, as well as a practical understanding of it too.

Understanding the qualification means understanding what the different levels of NVQ correspond to. In the UK, for example, anyone with an NVQ Level 5 being the equivalent of studying at degree level. At the starting end of the scale, levels 1 and 2 correspond to GCSEs with a Level 3 NVQ showing that a candidate holds a qualification equivalent to A level standard.

NVQs are valued

In terms of qualifications, NVQs are increasingly valued by employers as well as educational institutions. This is part of the mix of theory and practice but also the high standards being writing the syllabus and courses, as well as the use of highly qualified assessors upholding and promoting the standards.

How are NVQs studied?

NVQs can be college-based, completed in school or in the workplace and are seen by many as a stepping stone to the job they want to do.

There are five NVQ levels which means that students can start their qualifications at the level which suits their current work and studying experience. Once they have successfully gained a certain level, they can reach out to the next, if they so wish.

Even better, NVQs promote life-long learning as there are no age limits and special requirements for being accepted on a course.

How are NVQs assessed?

There are strict assessment criteria, important as there are no exams in the assessment process, something that for so long was given more credence than they deserved as an effective means of measuring someone’s learning.

As well as building a detailed portfolio, students will also be observed by qualified, external assessors in most cases, as well as feedback from course tutors and so on.

Competence-based qualifications

NVQs are a competence-based qualification, meaning that anyone who lists NVQs on their CVs and job applications is declaring that they can perform certain tasks related to a subject, topic or vocation to the standard required by the level of qualification they claim to have.

Employers are placing an increasing emphasis on NVQs, especially in competence-based roles. The problem is that people can claim they have successfully completed qualifications and with NVQs, there was no way of checking that wasn’t time-consuming, expensive or flirting around the edges of legalities. Until Qualification Check came along that is.

Check NVQs with ease

For employers,there is now a way to check if people do hold the qualifications they say they do. Qualification Check is also a checking service for educational institutions as well, and if you’re asking how to check my NVQ qualifications for myself, then you’ll be glad to know we can help here too.

To check NVQ qualifications, all you need to do is register with Qualification Check, pay a one-off fee or subscribe for multiple searches. This is a far more effective way of checking qualifications and knowing that the people you’re looking to hire do have the qualifications they say they have, saving you time, money and possible HR headaches later down the line.

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