Now that the Strike is over, what next?

Now that the Strike is over, what next?
22/11/2022 Udomo Ali

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) of Nigeria called off their strike on 14th October 2022, providing crucial stakeholders with another opportunity to find answers to the problem that continues to undermine public education in Nigeria.

Under-funding the education sector has had negative collateral repercussions, and the hastened academic calendars that follow the strikes leave little time for serious study. As a result, Nigerian institutions have become much reduced reflections of themselves. However, some introspection is required at the moment. For example, allowing the commercialisation of academic grades and handouts, delaying dissertations, awarding dubious degrees, and so on are some of the underlying education issues in the country.

Another result was that students wishing to have their awards verified faced extensive delays. Faced with this issue, Qualification Check came up with an option that offered a workaround to the problem of acquiring seamless verifications throughout the eight-month strike action that had been going on. This was done with the intention of continuing to provide a reliable service of confirming Nigerian credentials and we are pleased to announce that despite the strike, we have been able to keep our response time at five business days. We continued to deliver reliable and trustworthy verifications to our high quality of service, from the most populous nation in Africa.

Knowledge of the educational system and process inside the nation is at the centre of this achievement. Because we have a physical presence in Nigeria, we are able to provide our customers with outstanding service, and because we have a committed staff who are equipped with the necessary local connections and awareness of the market norms. We have built contacts and ties with the majority of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria, including those controlled by the federal government, state governments, and the private sector.

In order to overcome the ongoing financial problem that plagues the university system and ensure that graduates are able to compete successfully in the global knowledge economy, there is the need to investigate other sources of financing. Scholarships and bursaries are potential sources of financial aid for low-income students with exceptional academic potential; nonetheless, the concept of providing free higher education to all students is no longer feasible. Some individuals are going to have to shoulder the financial burden in order for the education industry to be successful in recruiting qualified academic and non-academic employees, acquiring the required educational resources, and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning for students.

The outcome for Qualification Check has not changed despite the fact that the most recent strike has been called off after a period of eight months; it is the same as it was before the start of the strike. We shall continue to complete verifications in the shortest amount of time possible, which is five business days from the relevant authorities at Nigerian tertiary institutions. Please contact us at  for further information on how we can support your verification requirements.

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