Are you responsible for employing and verifying the qualifications of migrants who have undertaken their studies and qualified overseas?

Why use Qualification Check?

Regardless of your country or industry sector, if you are responsible for assessing migrants who have undertaken their industry training and qualified internationally, our automated qualification verification solution will benefit you during the vital verification process.

Verifying qualifications manually from global institutions can be a challenge due to language barriers, differing time zones, data protection and confidentiality rules which is why our secure qualification verification solution will save you time providing accurate results every time.

We provide accurate qualification verification checks to be used by:

  • Global immigration bodies
  • Visa Authorities
  • Consulates and Embassies
  • Authorised immigration advisers
  • Credential evaluators
  • National Academic Recognition Information Centres

If you are responsible for verifying the qualifications of immigrants, remain safe and compliant during the verification process and create an account today.

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