NHS Foundation Trusts, private healthcare and voluntary/non-profit organisations have a duty to provide the highest level of healthcare and to ensure that the qualifications of all medical personnel are compliant.

Why use Qualification Check?

Regardless of whether you are employed by a UK NHS Foundation Trust or private hospital from around the world, if you are responsible for employing medical personnel who may have undertaken their medical training and qualified internationally, our automated qualification verification solution will benefit you as ensuring qualified personnel in this sector is mandatory.

You may be recruiting healthcare personnel ranging from:

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Technicians
  • Therapists
  • Dieticians

We provide accurate qualification verification checks to be used by:

  • NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Private hospitals
  • Voluntary/non profit organisations
  • International hospitals
  • Healthcare recruiters.

If you are responsible for verifying qualifications of medical personnel, remain safe and compliant during the verification process and create an account today.

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