Global education verification checks for the UK’s healthcare sector

Global education verification checks for the UK’s healthcare sector
30/04/2019 Qualification Check

The healthcare industry in the UK comprises the National Health Service (NHS), private healthcare and voluntary/non-profit organisations, all enabling medical professionals across the world to work in this sector to make a real difference to people’s lives in the UK.

The largest employer in the UK’s healthcare sector is the NHS, currently employing approximately 1.7 million people – placing it the world’s fifth-largest employer across its 152 NHS Foundation Trusts, opening new doors to career opportunities for both UK and international candidates.

A considerable proportion of this sector workforce is further employed by 5 independent healthcare organisations and 5 key voluntary/non-profit organisations, all of which have a due diligence to undertake compliance checks to ensure that medical staff are sufficiently qualified and hold genuine educational certificates.

Employing doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who may have undertaken their medical training and qualified internationally, may prove challenging and problematic to employers whilst validating the authenticity of these degrees. The checking process may be laborious and time consuming, especially if undertaken in-house.

This is where our automated qualification checking solution is an essential part of the recruitment process for many regulated industries including the healthcare sector. Not only does this online service make checking qualifications easier and more efficient but also ensures 100%accuracy, by always checking data at source, covering over 40,000 universities, colleges and professional bodies worldwide.

Using technology, data integrations and a team of multi-lingual experts, we are able to provide the most effective checking solution, regardless of the origin of the qualification, to give you the peace of mind that candidates are adequately qualified and certified to work in this sector.

Our global education verification checks are accurate, easy to implement and help improve compliance. If you are responsible for the recruitment of healthcare personnel and would like to find out more information, please call a member of our team on (+44) 0203 289 3022 or visit our website at

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