Global Coverage

Qualification Check is the world’s most comprehensive online, degree verification service. Our clients are able to verify qualifications at tens of thousands of universities, colleges and professional bodies in more than a hundred countries worldwide. This number is increasing all the time. Our technology is such that institutions can also easily incorporate it into their own systems without lengthy IT assessment.



An increasingly global and mobile workforce means the value of an equally global education screening service is essential.

Qualification Check offer the world’s most comprehensive, one-stop education verification hub. We created Qualification Check so that organisations of all shapes and sizes could benefit from a fast, simple and cost-effective service.

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30 Countries covered and 12000 institutions.


27 Countries covered and 4000 institutions.

North America

8 Countries covered and 16000 institutions.

South America

30 Countries covered and 12000 institutions.


18 Countries covered and 9000 institutions.


3 Countries covered and 2000 institutions.

Data are correct as of 1 May 2019. For a full and up-to-date list of countries and institutions, sign up for free.

We also work with universities and professional bodies providing them with software solutions that automate the laborious process of verifying the alumni and members qualifications. An example of this is our exclusive relationship with the The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI). Our direct, secure link with live CISI data will enable you to verify your candidates in seconds ensuring they are compliant.