The UK is one of the top destinations in the world for skilled migrants due to its cultural and ethnical diversity and according to the Office of National Statistics, 602,000 people moved to the UK last year with a further 258,000 people visiting for at least 12 months or more.

Part of the immigration process involves vigorous document verification, stipulated by the Home Office, which includes checking whether qualifications and certifications are genuine and whether applicants are eligible and sufficiently qualified to undertake a wide range of professions or study within the UK.

So how do you remain compliant whilst validating qualifications from all over the world? How do you accurately verify whether the certifications presented by individuals seeking employment here in the UK are genuine?

If you are responsible for employing individuals who have undertaken their studies and qualified overseas, regardless of the country or industry sector, our automated qualification verification solution will benefit you during the vital due diligence process.

Verifying qualifications manually from global institutions can be a challenge due to language barriers, differing time zones, data protection and confidentiality rules which is why our secure qualification verification solution will save you time providing fast, accurate results every time.

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