What is Qualification Check?

Qualification Check™ is the UK’s leading online, automated, and completely secure academic and professional qualification checking solution.

Our service benefits potential employers, recruitment agencies and other external bodies by providing on-demand verification of academic and professional qualifications at low cost. It also benefits universities, colleges and professional bodies by automating the majority of verification processing, greatly reducing resource costs whilst maintaining full control by the institution.

Why use Qualification Check?

“More than 53% of job applicants falsify information; 25% misrepresent educational attainment”.

- Society for Human Resource Management

Getting the right employees is key to the success of any organisation. Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process so it is imperative to get it right first time. You can help achieve this by using Qualification Check™ to verifying potential employees’ academic credentials and:

  • Protect yourself against the risk of credentials fraud.
  • Greatly reduce recruitment and staff turnover costs.
  • Avoid embarrassment and negative impact to your organisation's reputation.
  • Comply with the growing number of Employment Regulations.

Benefits of the Qualification Check System

For Employers and Recruiters

  • Fast turnaround of verifications speeds up the recruitment process
  • Secure and confidential service
  • On-demand verifications, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Nominal and budgetable cost
  • Reduces current resource costs in initiating and chasing enquiries through phone calls, emails, faxes and letters
  • A full audit trail with a record of each enquiry
  • All responses are electronic and easily mapped to existing back-office systems

For Universities, Colleges, Professional Associations and Examining Boards

  • A ‘light touch’ solution that complements existing processes and delivers major benefits
  • Removes the high workload and cost of routine checking
  • The institution retains full control of data input, quality and access
  • Immediate responses to enquiries through a secure and confidential gateway speeds up the recruitment process for alumni
  • Full audit trail with a detailed record of each verification
  • Effectively converts archival records to electronic
  • Completely FREE with a substantial share in the revenue from enquiries

For Students and Graduates

  • Faster qualification checks benefit graduates since speed is important when employers consider applications
  • Secure online technology safeguards access to confidential personal information – improved security compared to manual involvement by third parties
  • Automated solution using quality-checked data minimises errors
  • Fast efficient responses reinforce the high reputation of the university – and hence its graduates
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