Automate incoming enquiries
All over the world, every day, educational institutions and professional bodies are asked to verify qualifications. Verifying alumni or student’s qualifications can take time.
Find out how we can help: Watch our video.

No fee to install or to maintain
We can offer a light-touch solution to integrate with your data and systems at no cost to your organisation. We work with universities, awarding bodies and other educational institutions, to do this, and bring their verifications online. To find out more about how we make this happen, with no hassle, contact us.

Let your website do the work
Visitors to your website, can be directed to a Qualification Check link or button for all your incoming verification requests. They will then have access to our market leading service, with the most cost effective checks from only £10, and with the opportunity for volume discounts for larger recruiters or employers: read more.

Add a revenue stream to your department
When individuals, recruiters and employers verify a qualification with us, they pay a fee. For Qualification Checks and verifications made concerning your institution, we can offer you a revenue share, giving you an easy revenue stream, and contributing towards costs that you incur maintaining your records. Find out more and contact us